Friday, August 3, 2012

Next station... Paeds~

Done Orthopedics with not-so-excellent result, my name was listed in Paediatric since the department is currently lacking of housemen.. Actually if I was given the chance to choose, I would go for Medical for my 2nd posting, instead of Paeds, but I since I'm too late to request for Medical, then I just redha with Paeds...hehe

Yesterday, 4 of us: me, Intan, Ella, and Hadi, altogether pergi melapor diri dekat Paeds department n had meet the H.O.D (Head of Department). Kitorang semua terkejuttt sebab beliau seorang yang amat sangat baikkk hatiii orangnya.. sungguh tak percaya ada HOD yg macam ni. Hm maybe sebab our HOD in previous posting tu quite scaryy...huhuhu. The Paeds HOD welcomed us soo warmly, treat us sooo kindly and we really feel like he is our father. :) 

And tomorrow we will start our tagging.... and so our lifeless life will begins, again~ :( 

May I willing to work hard to gain as much knowledge as I can since I am too regretted with my previous posting (ortho)...because not performing good..  even I have passed ortho but I may say like I know nothing...huhuhu :(

Today is already 14th Ramadhan and this means our Ramadhan will be leaving us in just around 2 weeks.. :( and I will beraya with the kids - the kanak-kanak ribena.... 
Hope can update while in Paeds ;)

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